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Dr Wendy Timms
Dr Wendy Timms talks about her many hats and why diversity is critical in sustainable mining practice. Drawing on her 20 years’ experience as a hydrogeologist and environmental engineer working...
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Dr Simit Raval leads the Laboratory for Imaging of the Mining Environment (LIME), which sits within the internationally renowned Australian Centre for Sustainable Mining Practices. In this Q&A, he explains...
2017 Mitsubishi Lecture - "Social License Today and Tomorrow"
This year's Mitsubishi Minerals Sustainability lecture, delivered by Associate Professor Michael Hitch, addressed the challenging and thought provoking issue of social license in the mining industry. A/Professor Hitch, who is...

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The Australian Centre for Sustainable Mining Practices, located in the School of Mining Engineering, is recognised by both government and industry in Australia and internationally as a leading authority on sustainable mining practices.