The Australian Centre for Sustainable Mining Practices (ACSMP) was established in 2009 and is recognised by  both government and industry in Australia and internationally as:

  • a leading authority on sustainable mining practices
  • a provider and developer of innovative educational resources across both tertiary and professional development sectors
  • an active research organisation focussed on new mining practices, and development and application of technologies and systems for sustainable mining initiatives. 

ACSMP is actively researching and working with industry and government in these key mining sustinability areas:

  • Sustainability impacts of unplanned mine closures
  • Mine safety
  • Community engagement
  • Mining legislation and policy
  • Biodiversity offsets and mining
  • Carbon mitigation at mine sites
  • Climate change adaptation and mining
  • Environmental and social impact assessment
  • Implementing sustainable mining practices in India and China
  • Remote sensing and imaging the mining environment
  • Mine water, coal seam gasification (CSG), seepage barriers, water quality, virtual water gender issues in mining
  • Mining laws and policies
  • Sustainability in mining education 

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