Customised Professional Development

The mining industry continues to evolve and change at a rapid rate. Mining engineers and managers need to adapt to and succeed in this changing environment.

The Australian Centre for Sustainable Mining Practices (ACSMP) at UNSW offers organisations working within the mining industry customised professional development.

Senior researchers and experienced mining experts facilitate structured learning opportunities in a range of mining courses.

Sustainable Mining Practices

  • International principles of sustainability
  • Legislative frameworks and concepts
  • Best practice mining operations
  • Rehabilitation and mine closure

Environmental Management

  • Overview of environmental factors associated with sustainable mining – from planning and approvals, through operations, to mine closure
  • Environmental monitoring and reporting
  • Groundwater and mine water issues across different mining scenarios – technology and management approaches

 Risk and Safety Management

  • Concepts of hazard and risk
  • Hazard identification
  • Risk assessment methodologies
  • Risk management approaches
  • Risk mitigation and control
  • Proactive safety management

Remote Sensing for Mine Site Monitoring

  • Airborne and satellite monitoring technologies
  • Applications for remote sensing, including mine subsidence; environmental monitoring; rehabilitation; illegal mining; mine fires etc
  • Case studies of remote sensing

Virtual Reality Training Technologies

  • Innovative education and training technologies using virtual reality
  • Design of VR training modules using immersive and interactive techniques
  • Mine planning and design simulation
  • Mine environmental and community impact
  • Case studies of a range of current training modules

Mine Geology & Geophysics

  • Interactions between geology and mining engineering disciplines
  • Contributions and application of geological data in mine planning, design and operations
  • Fundamentals of geophysics and mining applications
  • Geological resource evaluation and reporting

 For further information on these courses, or to structure a program to your organisation’s needs, please contact