Evaluating the outcomes of clean development mechanism projects in China

Noim Uddin (ACSMP), Mascha Blommerde (ACSMP), Ros Taplin (ACSMP)

This research addressed emissions abatement and sustainable development aims and effectiveness of 30 registered Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects associated with coal mining in China conducted in connection with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. The projects were assessed via sustainability criteria including: impact on air quality, impact on conservation of resources and landscapes, socio-economic development, health, welfare, energy access, learning, employment generation, use of sustainable and innovative technology, technology transfer, cost efficiency of the greenhouse gas abatement, and sustainability tax implications. Quantitative, semi-quantitative and qualitative indicators for each of these criteria were utilised.

Map of the 30 selected CDM mining sites in the Republic of China (Source: Adapted from http://www.chinapage.com/map/china_pol01.jpg)