Extreme weather risks for mines: Excel tool for prioritisation of climate adaptation decisions

Ros Taplin (ACSMP), Brendan Fox (ACSMP), Supriya Mathew (Charles Darwin University), Ann Henderson- Sellers, Stefan Trueck (Macquarie University)

This research involves development of an Excel tool to provide defensible extreme weather (floods, heatwaves, bushfires, drought, cyclones) decision-making prioritisation for mine sites.  The tool has a triple bottom line framework involving social, environmental & financial considerations. Extreme weather events that drive implementation of adaptation options are assessed for their potential impacts using sensitivity tests. Adaptation options are prioritised using a combination of historical data, economic projections and qualitative methods including expert judgment (Delphi analysis). 


Source: McCollum Environmental Management Services, 2013 & Queensland Floods Commission of Inquiry, 2012