Integration of different UAV based sensor systems for monitoring wetland changes in vicinity of underground mining areas

Bikram Pratap Banerjee, PhD Candidate 

Supervisors: Dr Simit Raval and Dr Chris Daly 

Wetlands are large areas saturated with water and reflect the impression of an intersection of land and water ecosystems (Wang and Weng, 2013). Wetlands are significant in terms of their rich biodiversity, shelter for wide varieties of fauna, contribution towards carbon cycle, water purification, flood control and shoreline stability. Human disturbance and encroachment in the form of industrialisation, over-grazing, mining, unplanned artificial drainage, unsustainable water usage, etc. has induced undesirable ecological stress to the wetland systems. Wetland environments therefore require frequent monitoring and mapping for sustainable management. The research will involve development of a cutting edge unmanned aerial system, capable of remote controlled/autonomous operation and primarily targeted to monitor wetland changes in the vicinity of underground mines.