ACSMP researchers present findings at recent Hydrogeology Congress

ACSMP researchers presented their findings at the recent Hydrogeology Congress in Montpellier, organised by the French and German chapters of the International Association of Hydrogeologists (IAH), from 25 - 29 September. Over 700 people involved in groundwater management and research gathered for the 43rd annual congress, with the theme “Groundwater and society: 60 years of IAH”.

ACSMP researchers present findings at recent Hydrogeology Congress

UNSW PhD Candidate, Scott Cook presented on Integrating hydrographic and hydrochemical data using a multivariate statistical approach: A case study in an Australian alluvial aquifer-aquitard system.

Wendy Timms presented on Conceptual models of risks to shallow waters associated with underground mining through geological fault structures.

Scott’s research is located in the Gunnedah Basin, adjacent to proposed mining projects.

Wendy also participated in a workshop on Energy and Groundwater. Groundwater challenges associated with extraction of shale gas, coal seam gas, and mining of coal and uranium were discussed by personnel from the UK, Canada, US, Japan and Australia.

The election results of the International council of IAH were declared during the congress. The new IAH President is Professor António Chambel of Portugal. Wendy Timms was re-elected as an IAH Vice President, representing Australasia-Pacific. 

In July 2017, UNSW will host the Australasian Groundwater Conference, a joint event between IAH and the NCGRT.  

One of the themes for this conference will be energy and groundwater. 

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