Research Excellence

The Australian Centre for Sustainable Mining Practices (ACSMP) has continued to expand and strengthen its network across academia and with relevant government and industry.

Our research capabilites have been proven across projects with industry, government and other academic bodies.

The Centre has leading practice resources that include:

  • A team of highly experienced professional staff comprising academics, engineers, scientists, and support staff
  • Mine water and mineral processing laboratories opened in mid-2016
  • Innovative LIME lab - Laboratory for Imaging of the Mine Environment
  • Advanced characterization of water, rock, ore and tailings in geomechanics and water laboratories
  • Access to UNSW CT imaging, UNSW Analytical centre including ITRAX core scanner, and UNSW geotechnical centrifuge facility
  • In-situ mine site waste and waste monitoring and sensor systems for water and waste, with custom design solutions as required
  • Numerical modelling techniques including mine geomechanics and water management software codes
  • Virtual Reality facilities and technology