Sustainable mining practices implementation in China

Huan Cai, PhD Candidate

Supervisors: Professor Ros Taplin and Dr Simit Raval

China is a major mining industry player in the world. However mining practices in China is far behind western countries such as Australia, Canada and the United States in terms of technical, operational, environmental and sustainable development aspects. Significant natural resource assets are wasted and lost forever due to lack of mine planning and inefficient mining practices. Also disputations between mine sites and local communities are still a

significant issue impacting mine development. With regard to safety, there were around 900 fatalities in mine sites (coal mines excluded) in 2013 according to the statistics from China's National Safety Bureau. Implementation of strategic and sustainable mine planning and design is the future of mine development and operations in China.

The aims of this PhD research are:

  • To research leading practice cases and develop guidelines for mine planning and design based on community expectations and environmental requirements for high altitude mines in China.
  • To develop a mine monitoring and reporting system for use in Chinese mines which could track and integrate mining practices and sustainability (economic, social, environmental, safety, and efficiency) at high altitudes in China.